Wednesday, October 23, 2013

TV Tuesday: Reblogged from Shannon Laree

The 2013 Fall TV season is heating up with all the premieres, and we still have some to come!  I think this is one of the best years for TV so far.  I can barely keep up with all the awesome shows.  Though it is nice to have a selection of awesome shows to have on the TV while I'm editing pictures.  I decided to do a blog to list some of the TV shows I'm watching.   I'd love feedback on the shows you're watching too and what you think of them!

Just a warning: this is a long post!  This list was created by only Shannon of the Nerdcast; therefore, the opinions are hers.  

I've put the title of my Top 5 shows in bold (which include Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead, How I Met Your Mother, and the Big Bang Theory) and the title of the new shows in italics.  They are listed by the day the appear on TV, and then the reality shows separate.

Monday, October 21, 2013


Whelp!  We weren't very good at keeping up with the Voice recaps, there has already been a couple seasons since that one lol.  How have you been?  Long time no see old buddy old pal!

Kimberly and Shannon had some creative differences and parted ways.  I'm Deana and I am going to take over this blog!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Voice: Live Shows Recap

I won't be surprised if next week they have the lowest from each team leave to take it down to the Top 12.  If that happens here's who I'd send home:

Team Adam
Katrina Parker
Tony Lucca

Shannon: I would send home Mathai. My favorite 2 from this team are…I can't decide between Katrina, Tony and Pip. lol
Kim: I would send home Tony Lucca or Katrina Parker. I really like Mathai and Pip. I like Katrina and Tony too but I think that the others are better.

Team CeeLo
James Massone
Jamar Rogers
Juliet Simms

Shannon: I would send home Cheese. My favorite 2 from this team are Jamar Rogers and Juliet Simms.
Kim: Please let it be Cheesa that goes home. My favorite 2 are James and Jamar.

Team Christina
Ashley De La Rosa
Lindsey Pavao
Jesse Campbell
Chris Mann

Shannon: I would send home Chris Mann.  My favorite 2 from this team are Lindsey Pavao and Ashley De La Rosa.
Kim: I would send home Chris Mann as well. My favorite 2 from this team are Lindsey Pavao and Ashley De La Rosa as well.

Team Blake
Jermaine Paul
Jordis Unga
Erin Willet

Shannon: I would send home Jermaine Paul. My favorite 2 from this team are Erin Willet and Jordis Unga.
 Kim: I hope that Jordis is the one sent home. My favorite 2 from this team are Erin Willet and Raelynn.

Shannon: I will go ahead and call it right now too; unless one of them (J/J) royally messes up, at least one of CeeLo's team will be in the Top 2.
Kim: I see the final four being Pip, Jamar, Lindsey, and Raelynn.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Voice Live Shows Week 2

Kim is not feeling well today, so this week it's just my thoughts on last night's show :c)

Team CeeLo
Cheesa Don’t Leave Me this way:
Shannon:  I think she’s good, but I think there were others that will go through.  I’ll copy the judges and say she did the best with what she had.  The song was interesting and fit her voice nicely.

Erin Martin Walk Like an Egyptian:
Shannon:  I agree with Christina on this one, I was expecting more of a loud growl singing the song or some kind of powerful part, but it was more of a whisper throughout the whole song.  I haven’t been a big fan of her, but the song did fit her voice.  She just needed to do more with it in my opinion.  If she’s not saved by America’s vote, I think she will be the one CeeLo saves because he’s a freak like that and she appeals to his freaky side.  Though, I could be surprised depending on who is in the bottom 3.  I was glad she gave her hair a break and didn't have it up 3 feet in the air lol.  I won't be disappointed if she doesn't make it through further.

Jamar Rogers Are you going my way?:
Shannon:  He rocked the house!  There were a couple of the performers I saw their performance more like someone popular appearing on the results show as opposed to a contestant in the competition and he was one of them.  Regardless of the results show I think he can make it mainstream and stay around for awhile.  Pretty sure he’s safe!  Within a couple hours after the show he was #12 on iTunes for Alternative.  (Fun fact: Lindsey Pavao was still at #15 from performing last week!) 

James Massone Don’t Know Why:
Shannon:  I liked the song choice for him and his voice sounded good.  He’s another that I think does good, but just doesn’t have that extra wham for me, yanno?  I think he may make it through with all the younger girls that may vote for him.  Girls were going crazy! LoL.  He kind of reminds me of Joey from New Kids on The Block from back in the day.  I loved Joey, but now I’m older and he’s one that appeals more to the younger ages, I believe.

Juliet Simms Roxanne:
Shannon:  She’s been Tony’s favorite from the beginning.  I like her, and I think she rocked it out!  She’s another one that I could see coming back to perform for the results show instead of just a contestant.  There’s sometimes where I don’t care too much for her voice because it gets a whiney sound, but love the gritty rock sound to her voice.  She’s another I think will make it far in the competition.  Within a couple hours of the show she was #1 on iTunes in the Rock category, which according to last week doesn’t necessarily mean anything since Jordis had reached #1 in rock too and had to be saved; but, Juliet was also already at #44 of all iTunes. 

Tony Vincent Everybody wants to Rule the World:
Shannon:  He sang well, but he’s not one of my favorites.  It’s probably because he reminds me of Dana Carvey in Master of Disguise the “Turtle, Turtle” scene. Lol.  He sings well so I won’t be surprised if he makes it through, but I won’t be disappointed if he doesn’t either.

Top 4 CeeLo’s:
Shannon:  I think the four that will go through will be: Jamar, Juliet, James and Erin.

Team Adam
Katrina Parker Tonight, Tonight:
Shannon:  I love the uniqueness of her voice, and great song.  I think she needs to work a little more on her confidence so that America will keep voting her through. 

Kim Yarbrough Rolling in the Deep:
Shannon: Brave, brave woman for tackling this song! LoL.  I think she did a good job, though, personally with some of the other performers in this competition I forget about her.  I think she has what it takes to make it through to the next round, but I won’t be surprised if she doesn’t either just because there are others that make more of a memorable impression to vote for.

Mathai Ordinary People:
Shannon:  I like how unique her voice is, but I don’t know if I necessarily like it enough to hear each week.  It’s a toss up for me for her so far lol

Pip When We Were Young:
Shannon: Loved him!  I see what Adam meant though about being a little more rough and tough especially with a rock song like that.  “Be a little more…untrustworthy” LoL  Kim had texted me during the show and said he looked like he could be Jensen Ackles little brother- totally!  Though, I’m sorry to say this, but when it showed his mom and dad and they had the bowties on too, it just makes me think of one of those shows with creepy out there serial killers lol.  I know he’s just trying to make that his trademark to stand out, not saying that he is one.  Tony isn’t sure if people will take him serious with a name like Pip, so we’ll see. :c)

Tony Lucca In Your Eyes:
Shannon:  I really liked his performance.  He was the other I could see performing long term; obviously since he’s been at it awhile and has taken the steps to become more mainstream.  He was also at #3 in Rock on iTunes a couple hours after the show.  I lost a little respect for Christina with her low blow, she was vicious (and not just to him, I think someone talked to her halfway through because she started throwing in tidbits of positive)!  Honestly, I think he’s one that she thinks her team will have to beat, so she tried to chew him down like a little chihuahua.  Though, during the perfoamcne I found all the floating eyes very creepy and unnerving lol.

Karla Davis Airplanes:
Shannon:  I like her voice, but performance wise I think it was lackluster. I’ll be surprised if she makes it through, unless she steps it up more in the save me round.  Let Bertha out, Karla! Lol

Top 4 Adam’s:
Shannon:  I think the four that will go through will be: Tony Lucca, Pip, Katrina, and Mathai.

Competition is heating up!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Voice Live Shows : Week 1

There is a ton of talent this year!  I started a group on facebook for anyone that wants to discuss The Voice throughout this season!  Come join us @ 

Recap for last night:
Team Blake:
Erin Willet- Living for the City
Shannon:  She's my favorite.  I've enjoyed each of her performances.  She has a strong voice with an rockish-edge to it that I like.   From the recording it reminds me some of the strength like in Christina Aguilera's voice.  I loved that she was playing the piano at the beginning of the performance.   It was totally a performance I could see on the Grammy's like she said she wanted to do as far as the whole theme.  I had not really heard the song much before so I do wish she would sing something more contemporary.  Also, as a side note, I completely understand why they keep mentioning the passing of her father and how she's getting her strength knowing this is what he wanted, but I hope that the story doesn't overpower how awesome she is with her voice.
Kim: I think that she is fantastic. She has a very strong voice and I am not worried about her career at all. I think she will go really far in this competition.
Jordis Unga - Alone
Shannon: I love her singing as well.  I love the edgy rock but still having the sensitive side.  She's another one I personally hope makes it through.
Kim: Jordis is great, talented, experienced. This performance was really good too. I am just afraid that I will get bored with her after a while.
Raelynn - Wake Up Call
Shannon: I liked her performance; however I'm not a huge country fan to begin with so she's not one of my favorites.  And some of her pronunciation is odd to me.  Though on the iTunes preview it doesn't sound as odd so maybe it was just something in the live show.  That's not to say she's bad, just not my preference.   I think she'll make it through to the next round though.
Kim: I LOVED her performance of Maroon 5's hit! I was a little bothered by the way she twisted her vowels when singing, but this girl has got amazing talent. I don't think that she will need to win this competition to go very far in a music career. She is definitely what country music is right now: young, fun, and full of spit-fire.
Charlotte Sometimes- Misery Business
Shannon: She has a nice sound also.  I think I remember from the battle rounds that I liked who she was against better so I'm not on her bandwagon lol.  Not to say I don't like her, just nothing spectacular to make me love her voice yet.
Kim: Her performance was great. She definitely had my attention. I like her voice so much. I really hope she moves on.
Jermaine Paul - Livin' on a Prayer Backup singer for Alicia Keys
Shannon: Loved the song choice!  He did a good job, but there were a couple areas of the song for me that were just off.  Sadly, maybe I expected more from him because of the experience and background he's bringing to the table.  I'll be the same for Tony Lucca next week with his background as well. 
Kim: There were a few pitch problems but overall, a very successful performance. There is no doubt that he has skill. I just hope that we will be able to get a "WOW" performance from him in the near future.
Naia Kete - Turning Tables
Shannon: She is another of my personal favorites; however, I wish they would have kept the Reggae theme to her song.   They could have started out the way they did and then introduce the reggae.  I understand showing different sides of your voice and everything you can do, but we've heard the same type of music from Raelynn the whole time.  You can do your theme and still show off everything you have to offer.   I hope she makes it through.
Kim: I agree with Shannon on this. I think that she could have brought more to the table in her performance if she could have had at least a little bit of her signature sound in it.

Shannon: Personally, I would choose Erin Willet, Jordis Unga and Naia Kete for the three to move forward.  However, I think Raelynn will be one of the three, so I'm not sure who of those won't make it.  The whole team is unique and there isn't anyone that I dislike and would be disappointed that they made it through over the others.  
Kim: My picks are Raelynn, Erin Willet, and Charlotte or Jermaine. Tough choices…

Team Christina:
Ashley de la Rosa- Right Through You
Shannon: I thought she sounded good; especially for her age!   I like how her voice is another unique one.
Kim: This girl is beautiful and her voice is so pretty. I would definitely buy her music. She does have some growing room however, but I have not been disappointed with her.
Chris Mann - Bridge Over Troubled Water
Shannon: He's got a strong powerful voice that sounds good, I just don't see him going mainstream or making if far in this competition.  He reminds me of Josh Groban.  I love Josh Groban and his songs; but it's not something I listen to all the time.  
Kim: Super talented for sure! However, I don't think that I would listen to him all the time. He definitely has a classic sound and his singing style reminds me of Andrea Bocelli.
Jesse Campbell- What a wonderful world
Shannon: I think he will make it through and go further in this competition.  Great song choice, and I enjoyed his voice and performance.  Though I don't think he'd be someone I'd personally listen to all the time.
Kim: He really will be the one to beat I think. He is so smooth in his delivery and his voice is so nice.
Lindsey Pavao- Somebody I used to know
Shannon: Definitely a unique sound!  When I hear the original song on the radio, I've grown to love it (when I first heard it though I was like this sounds like it's from the 70s it doesn't fit on this radio station lol)  But her take on the sound and how she changed the arrangement is very interesting and unique.  It made it more dark/moody; which fits for what the song is about.  Though the mimes were a little disturbing at the beginning lol.  Hopefully she makes it through.
Kim: I think that Lindsey is my fave from Team Christina. I love love love her voice! I want her to make it through!
Moses Stone Stronger/Power
Shannon: He was good, just not overly spectacular.  We'll see how  many rap fans watch the show to vote for him.
Kim:   I like him and his style a lot but I don't think that we will be seeing much of him in this competition. I would be pleasantly surprised though. :)
Sera Hill- Find your love
Shannon: Another one that was good, just not overly spectacular.  I think she's done her best more of like a power ballad song so I was surprised at the song choice for the first live show.  Wasn't bad and was an interesting arrangement of the song, just didn't showcase her like it could have.
Kim: Sera has a gorgeous voice.  She reminds me of Monica. I don't think that she is better than some of the others though.

Shannon: My predictions for the three to move forward would be Lindsey Pavoa, Jesse Campbell, and Ashley de la Rosa.
Kim: Same as Shannon! I just want to mention that over all, I would like to see some better and more vibrant song choices for the competitors in the upcoming weeks!

Monday, April 2, 2012

April Book Suggestions!

Hey!  It’s that time again!  It’s our 2nd monthly book suggestions!  Below you will find book suggestions for Kim and I for this month.  As always, we’d love your input!  Have you read one of the books we’ve suggested in the past?  Do you have any book suggestions for us?  Let us know!  Just comment here or send an e-mail to!

Kim’s suggestion is:

City of Bones (Mortal Instruments, Book 1) By Cassandra Clare 

When fifteen-year-old Clary Fray heads out to the Pandemonium Club in New York City, she hardly expects to witness a murder—much less a murder committed by three teenagers covered with strange tattoos and brandishing bizarre weapons. Then the body disappears into thin air. It’s hard to call the police when the murderers are invisible to everyone else and when there is nothing—not even a smear of blood—to show that a boy has died. Or was he a boy?
This is Clary’s first meeting with the Shadowhunters, warriors dedicated to ridding the earth of demons. It’s also her first encounter with Jace, a Shadowhunter who looks a little like an angel and acts a lot like a jerk. Within twenty-four hours Clary is pulled into Jace’s world with a vengeance, when her mother disappears and Clary herself is attacked by a demon. But why would demons be interested in ordinary mundanes like Clary and her mother? And how did Clary suddenly get the Sight? The Shadowhunters would like to know. . .

And in honor of my co-host’s 29th birthday this month, (don’t forget it’s on the 10th!)  I’m selecting:

What if you closed your eyes, blew out the candles, and your wish came true? 

Ellie Jerome is a young-at-heart seventy-five-year-old who feels she has more in common with her twenty-nine-year-old granddaughter, Lucy, than her fifty-five-year-old daughter, Barbara. Ellie’s done everything she can to stay young, and the last thing she wants is to celebrate another birthday. So when she finds herself confronted with a cake full of candles, Ellie wishes more than anything that she could be twenty-nine again, just for one day. But who expects a wish like that to come true?

29 is the story of three generations of women and how one magical day shakes up everything they know about each other. While Ellie finds that the life of a twenty-something is not as carefree as she expected, the sheer joy of being young again prompts her to consider living her life all over. Does she dare stay young for more than this day, even if it means leaving everyone she loves behind?  Fresh, funny, and delightful, 29 is an enchanting adventure about families, love, and the real lessons of youth.

Happy Reading! :c)

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hey guys!  How ya doin'?  Are you ready for a giveaway?  We are so excited about the Hunger Games movie releasing next week we want to do something special for YOU, our fans!   We know after seeing the movie we're all going to need something new to do and read until the next movie comes out!

We thought we'd do a book giveaway of Divergent by Veronica Roth!   If you read our previous entry you know that Kim suggested this book as a read for this month.  We think fans of the Hunger Games will enjoy this book because it's another book about a dystopian society.   Kim believes that is every bit as wonderful as The Hunger Games and a very different take on a dystopian future.  For her full review don't forget to look at our previous entry.

Now to the good stuff, here's how to enter!