Wednesday, October 23, 2013

TV Tuesday: Reblogged from Shannon Laree

The 2013 Fall TV season is heating up with all the premieres, and we still have some to come!  I think this is one of the best years for TV so far.  I can barely keep up with all the awesome shows.  Though it is nice to have a selection of awesome shows to have on the TV while I'm editing pictures.  I decided to do a blog to list some of the TV shows I'm watching.   I'd love feedback on the shows you're watching too and what you think of them!

Just a warning: this is a long post!  This list was created by only Shannon of the Nerdcast; therefore, the opinions are hers.  

I've put the title of my Top 5 shows in bold (which include Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead, How I Met Your Mother, and the Big Bang Theory) and the title of the new shows in italics.  They are listed by the day the appear on TV, and then the reality shows separate.

Monday, October 21, 2013


Whelp!  We weren't very good at keeping up with the Voice recaps, there has already been a couple seasons since that one lol.  How have you been?  Long time no see old buddy old pal!

Kimberly and Shannon had some creative differences and parted ways.  I'm Deana and I am going to take over this blog!