Friday, October 14, 2011

Fandom Friday

Hey guys, it's Fandom Friday!!! Da-dan da da dun! [Haha attempting to type a drum fanfare]  

This is a new featured post on our blog.  This week's featured fandom Friday is Breaking Dawn.  Movie tickets for Breaking Dawn have been released for sale- have you purchased yours yet?  We have!  We'll make sure to podcast from the premiere also!  

New teasers and clips have been released as well (make sure to follow us on Facebook so that you can see these when we share them!)  The soundtrack listing was released also.  Can't wait to hear the songs!

Are you planning on going to the midnight release, or one of the first weekend showings of Breaking Dawn?  Are you going to wait for the crowds to die down, but still see it in the theater?  Are you going to wait for it to be released on DVD?  Or, are you like Kris, and could care less?

Can't believe it's just next month!  So close!

Share your thoughts!  What fandom would you like featured on a Fandom Friday?

P.S We are so behind on posting the next podcast...thank you for standing by!  We hope to have a new one recorded and posted soon!  

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