Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jim and Bob Begin Their Journey

If you've listened to our second podcast, this will make sense. lol.  

In a land far far away there were two elves named Jim and Bob. They were great elf friends deep in the forest of the Alaco Forest. Yet they always yearned for something more.
The forest had plenty of lakes, rivers, and streams, but they wanted to go to the shore.

If you couldn't tell already, Jim and Bob are abnormal elves. Their names are not normal among their friends Ylrebmik, Sirk, Acceber, Eel, Koobecaf, Ecapsym, Nonnahs, Ynohtna, Assila, Leahcar, Deraj, and Rebma. Their mothers wanted to be modern, but Jim and Bob were always teased about it.

One day they were at Silver River and decided it was the time to begin their journey. They met with the great Dwarf Spamelgoog to plan the route they would take. According to Spamelgoog it could take them a little over a day to walk to the shore.

Normally elves are fit and in shape, but not Jim and Bob! They would love to go right outside the forrest to Gnikregrub Tavern for their meals. Other elves hunt for their food. So this journey would take more then a day.

A day later they were packed and ready to go to begin the journey. All of their friends were there to see them off. Spamelgoog informed them that she was sending her eldest son, Sulpelgoog on the journey with them because he has everything they would need.

To Be Continued...

Story by: Shannon La'Ree Brooks 
Illustration by: Kimberly Ann Hartmann

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